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Crisis Office:

If you are an American who is experiencing interpersonal violence abroad, including domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault, or stalking, please call or email our crisis office to connect with an advocate. 

Crisis Line:

How to contact our international toll-free crisis line from a foreign country:

  1. Find the AT&T USADirect® access code for the country you are currently in
  2. Dial the access code
  3. At the prompt, dial 833-SAFE-833 (833-723-3833)

**If there is no access code available (or the access code is suspended) for the country you are currently in, please set up a collect call and then dial our crisis line.

How to contact our toll-free crisis line from the U.S. & Canada:

  1. Simply dial 1-833-SAFE-833 (1-833-723-3833)

**If you are calling from a landline, when you have finished speaking to a Pathways advocate, hang up and then lift the receiver, dial any number and hang up again. This way, if someone presses the redial button on the phone, they will not be connected to Pathways to Safety International. If dialing from a cell phone, remember to delete your call history.

Crisis Email:

Send an email anytime to In most cases, an advocate will reply to you within two hours.

***Please visit our Get Help Now page and Technology and Safety page for more information on how to stay safe.


Web Chat:

Web Chat services are available intermittently. If an advocate is unavailable to chat, please email if it is safe to do so or wait and try again later.

Connect with a Pathways Advocate here

Business Office:

If you are seeking information on behalf of an organization or a professional with an inquiry relating to our services or other business related matters, please email us at and we will reply as soon as possible.

Business Office Address:

Pathways to Safety International
25 NW 23rd Place
Suite 6 PMB #461
Portland, OR 97210

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