Our Mission

About Our Mission

Help People Live Their Lives Free of Abuse

Our Mission 

Pathways to Safety International (Formerly Americans Overseas Domestic Violence Crisis Center) empowers victims of interpersonal & gender based violence abroad. Pathways undertakes the global challenge of assisting victims who are enduring extreme suffering in isolated situations where support seems minimal and many obstacles block the path to safety. Services are provided 24/7/365 via technology on a global scale to American victims of sexual assault, domestic violence, dating violence, stalking and forced marriage.

This is achieved via an international toll free crisis line, 833-SAFE-833, accessible from over 120 countries, serving a population estimated at 9 million American civilians living overseas, 80 million Americans traveling overseas, and the 450,000 American military personnel and their dependents.

Our Belief

Pathways to Safety International believes the best human relationships are characterized by mutual respect, open communication and individual empowerment.

We envision a life where every person’s partner treats them with dignity, respect and compassion; where oppression is replaced with equality; where expression of anger is non-violent and where children grow up in violent-free homes with their self-esteem intact.

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