The Crisis Center

The Crisis Center

The Pathways to Safety International operated 24/7/365 providing life saving services to Americans experiencing interpersonal and gender based violence in a foreign countries until May 2019 due to a discontinuation of funding by the US Department of Justice.

Help is still available via our crisis email:

Previously, the center could be reached internationally toll-free from all foreign countries with AT&T USADirect® accessibility.

To contact the toll-free crisis line from overseas:

  1. First dial your AT&T USADirect® access code
  2. Second, at the prompt, enter our phone number: 833-SAFE-833 (833-723-3833)

The center serves abused Americans in both civilian and military populations overseas regardless of gender, race, or sexuality.

According to the US State Department estimate in 2015, 9 million American civilians live in foreign countries and 80 million travel overseas annually. The US Department of Defense states there are approximately 175,000 military personnel and their families overseas.

Crisis Center

Our priority has always been to reach as widely and deeply as possible into American communities and raise awareness of the services we offered to Americans victimized by domestic violence, sexual assault, sex trafficking and forced marriage to help them navigate complicated situations and reach safety.

In its 22 year history, Pathways to Safety International received government, corporate, and foundation funding in addition to individual donors. This support has enabled us to help abused Americans in countries around the world. In addition to providing gender based violence advocacy, safety planning and case management, we assisted victims with relocation, emergency funds, housing counseling and legal assistance.

Our Weaving a Global Safety Net program began in the fall of 2009. Staff have presented in 25 countries, in more than 40 cities in Europe, Asia, Central America, South America, and Northern Africa.

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